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Closed deals in Amsterdam, Riga and New York

alex van ginneken amsterdam office ate van der meer business location central meeting point cross-border business fryslân house lennard drogendijk new markets new york office office address remote working riga office sales Nov 13, 2017

To help my clients grow their business, I regularly give the advise to enter new markets. For example to focus on expanding on an international level. Opening your own office abroad is not the most obvious option and therefor the Fryslân House was established.

This is an accessible way to profile your company abroad. The Fryslân House was established in 2004 and has been around for more than 10 years. The concept started with the first branch in Amsterdam and expanded to Riga (Latvia, 2006) and New York (2009).

3 locations

Entrepreneurs from the region regularly meet up at all three locations. 
The main function of the Fryslân House is therefore a sales function.

The Fryslân House in Amsterdam

Especially for first acquaintances

Getting to know potential customers is a very important phase in the sales process. When a potential customer one region is looking for a supplier and he comes across a party from another region or country, it is nice that he does not necessarily have to drive or fly to the location, to make sure it is a good match.

It is much more time efficient to have a central meeting point. Local presence solves this first threshold of the introduction.

Significant decisions

In addition, you show the prospect you are willing to travel and invest in your clients in the area. Although we live in a time where everything seems to be possible online, large deals involving several people, various risks and a range of different interests are not (yet) concluded online. In this case it is essential to meet your (future) partners offline, to be close to the market.  

The Fryslân House in Riga, Latvia

Ideal as a first step in a new market

If you want to grow in a new business area, yet do not want to rent an expensive, unmanned office, the Fryslân House is the ideal possibility. You only pay € 2,500 per year to use a fully facilitated office space. It is an effective, flexible solution for new market entry.

We work with an online planner where you can check when you want to be in the office for an appointment or work for a (part of the) day. When you are established and need a permanent office space in the area or it's time to attract staff, your & the Fryslân House's mission was successful!

Ready the next step?

Are you interested in expanding to the Amsterdam, New York and/or Riga? Contact me or visit: www.fryslanhouse.nl

About Fryslân House

The Fryslân House was founded in 2004 by Lennard Drogendijk and Ate van der Meer. Alex van Ginneken has been a member of the Fryslân House Foundation since 2008, together with Lennard Drogendijk and Ate van der Meer.


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