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Alex van Ginneken

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Interview requests

Are you interested in interviewing Alex for a podcast, webinar, radio/TV broadcast or an article? If so, send an email to: [email protected]

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Author of the following books:

  • eBook: "Entrepreneurship with AI" (2023)
  • eBook: "100 lifestyle hacks for Super CEOs" (2023)
  • Domain names business (2014)
  • Fact Based Marketing (2012)
  • 17 internet marketing books (as internet marketing study package) - 2009

Books where you can read my stories and case studies:

  • Hack the Time - Marc Cornelius
  • SuperFreelancer - Edwin Dijkstra
  • SuperSleep - Floris Wouterson
  • Drive them crazy - Aartjan van Erkel

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