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About me

Hello, I am Alex van Ginneken and my mission is to support ambitious entrepreneurs in the further growth of their business so that they can build the companies of their dreams.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs scale their business through my advanced ICT, marketing and sales methods and techniques. My coaching clients also get access to my network and I make new connections for them every week.


I discovered online marketing in 2006, just before I was about to sell my first business.

I have a degree in ICT and marketing/communications, and during my studies I started entrepreneurship at age 20.

Soon I knew how to translate customer demand to software developers. And so pretty soon my first ICT company grew into a company with more than 1 million in sales (7-figure business).

I made my first sale of my business in late 2006 and I was "hooked" on starting businesses.

In the following years, I built the growth of 6 more companies. The online marketing knowledge gained proved crucial in their success.

The lessons I learned from starting and building those businesses formed the basis for my down to earth business coaching.

One of the strengths of my coaching? Getting marketing, sales & IT to work together as 1 highly integrated team & system.

In early 2016, I decided to focus entirely on the coaching business to make an even bigger impact than just with my own companies. Because I found that this is what I am energized by and can make a difference by sharing my knowledge & experience.

Some fast-growing types of businesses I coach in:

  • B2B service providers
  • B2B manufacturing companies
  • B2C eCommerce companies
  • SaaS/platform companies
  • Companies looking to scale internationally
  • Combinations of the above

Over the years, I have coached over 150 entrepreneurs. Because my 1-on-1 business coaching is intensive, with lots of personal attention, available spaces are very limited.

If you are interested in growing to the next level with your business, schedule a free 30-minute coaching call with me

Entrepreneurial experience

Previous participations I (co)founded/started and sold:

  • Superfood.co.uk (2020)
  • Cobrowser (2017) - Acquired by Selfservice company
  • MediaCT (2017) - Acquired by Youwe
  • DBK (2017)
  • Simple Booking (2017)
  • Vivens (2006) - Acquired by Deloitte
  • Posters.co.uk (2006)

Now I am involved in the background as an investor in several online companies.


Administrative experience

  • President of the Northern Online Entrepreneurs (NOO).
  • Investment committee - G-force capital (investment fund for startups)
  • Board member (advisor) WTC (World Trade Center).
  • Board member (advisor) Oranjewoud Export Academy
  • Board member (advisor) Founded in Groningen
  • Mentor at the Venture Mentoring Service (affiliated with MIT, Boston).
  • Commissioner IT Hub
  • Commissioner Team050
  • Member of the DRW, a network of directors in the manufacturing industry


My key beliefs that I live by and guide my clients:

  • Think big. Start small. Scale fast.
  • There is a recipe for every challenge
  • There is always a higher level
  • Every business problem can be solved with marketing and sales
  • Alone you go fast but together you go farther
  • "Champions aren't just born; champions can be made when they embrace and commit to life-changing positive habits."


Over the past 5 years, I have modified more than 100 habits for a healthy lifestyle, making it possible for me to run the toughest marathon in the world across the Sahara Desert, and has also made sure that I have never felt as fit & strong as I do now. By achieving all these goals, I realized both my business and personal goals.

Free eBook
A healthy growing business starts with being good to yourself. Discover the 100 things I adjusted in my life over the past five years. And thus became the strongest version of myself while inspiring those around me.

Download the free eBook (now more than 3,000+ downloaded)

Yes, I want to be a SuperCEO

Want to know more about me? Some personal facts and quirks ;)

I grew up on a farm, the first 8 years in North Brabant and then on a farm in Friesland. From the age of 20 I have lived in various places in the Netherlands and abroad. Now I live in Groningen.

In 1997, I won the Innovation Prize of the Northern Netherlands with innovative software. Thanks to this prize, my entrepreneurship was sparked and I then started doing business.

Thanks to traveling a lot and working for periods as a digital nomad, I met many professionals. I (or now my clients) still work with some of them.

In the summer of 2017, I attended a training by Wim Hof. Since then, I shower cold every morning. And I built myself an ice bath.

I have had the opportunity to travel a lot and have now seen over 75 countries.

I run hard 30 to 40 KM a week.

And 3 times a week I do strength training.

My 5 core values: Inner Growth, Health, Autonomy,
Connectedness and Excellence

My biggest dream is to be able to see the earth between 2 fingers from space.

In 2019, I ran the toughest marathon on earth; 230 KM through the Sahara Desert (Marathon des Sables).

My favorite business book is Mastery by Robert Greene

My guides: Richard Branson, Joe Polish & Antony Robbins

I LOVE matcha tea latte with oat milk, like a lot.

Over the past 5 years, I have modified more than 100 things in my life for a healthy and empowered lifestyle.

I can really enjoy when I can connect the right people.

My curiosity about strategies, methods & tactics to grow knows no bounds.

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"I am extremely pleased and proud that Alex has joined our Member Board. Alex is critical and constructive. He has encouraged our organization to develop our services digitally as well as physically. He is very committed to the WTC. He sees the benefits of our organization and therefore understands what we need as an organization. Especially with his experience in marketing & sales, he is a very valuable and pleasant sparring partner for my team and me."

- Evert Jan Schouwstra - WTC

"As a member of our Advisory Board, Alex helped shape our programming and achieve our goals. By asking questions and being critical at the right time, he ensured that the team was able to move from strategy to smart execution. Pleasant to deal with, always in a good mood and mission-driven to work together towards a better and stronger startup ecosystem in the Groningen region. I can recommend everyone to involve Alex in shaping and executing your plans."

- Lusanne Tehupuring

"As a mentor, Alex is immensely valuable to the EMS mentor program. The combination of ICT, online marketing & sales are unique."

- Paula Bijvoets

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