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Finished!!! 🏁✅🍾 - Run through all the streets of the municipality of Groningen

Sep 17, 2022

After 14 months of running 100 times, I have seen all 2075 streets of the municipality of Groningen. And today on Sept. 17, 2022, I officially finished by running the last 7 streets with friends and family.

Why I ran through all the streets of Groningen?

During COVID there were no big running events. And during that time I saw a Facebook post by Mark Potze a Dutchman living in Helsinki. In that post he shared that he was running through all the streets there. I thought that was so special and thought it might be fun to run through all the streets of Groningen. After a test run in my own de own neighborhood I was excited and started my monster project.

Beautiful discoveries

It was a fun and beautiful challenge. And especially a special way to discover my own city and municipality. I discovered many beautiful places such as: playgrounds, picnic spots, beautiful houses, nice streets and beautiful nature. But... I'm also glad it's over and now I can walk my favorite laps again ;)

Arrival at the New Market

And after entering, it was🍾 and I shared some highlights of my adventure over the past 14 months.

And here above the map in which all the streets walked are colored purple.

View the live map of all streets walked here: https: //citystrides.com/users/37217/cities/95699

The (nerdy) stats:
Total number of runs: 100
Number of months: 14 months
KM total: 1392.63
Number of marathons: 33.00
Hours: 123:33

Average distance per run: 15.07 KM
Average distance for 1 street: 0.67 KM
Average speed: 11.27 KM/H
Average number of streets per run: 20.94

Net distance all streets: 1001.46 KM
Distance % to run all streets: 139.06%

Calories: 101661.99 kCal
Kilo's burned: 13,22 KG (+/- 18 kilo chips)

Nerdy sheet
Of all the runs, I kept all the statistics of my runs. For that, I built a Google Sheet where I kept track of everything. Including a short report of each district: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PI1qf5repdgtZTZ55TAkyDJOyGFz47_7qV6-_txBQ74/edit#gid=0

Strava account
On my Strava account you can find all the runs (with the title: "Every Single Street Groningen"). During each run I also took pictures of things I found beautiful or special and added them to each run. This way you get a bit of a picture of the entire municipality of Groningen.
You can follow me on Strava here: https: //www.strava.com/athletes/29018140

Next challenge
At the moment, I have not found a new extreme challenge. Nor am I going to look for one. Something else is bound to come my way. And I'm already looking forward to that!

Thanks for all the support & likes! 🙏

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