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Entrepreneurship with AI - business coach Alex van Ginneken

"Drop everything" - Entrepreneurship with AI

ai Jun 02, 2023

"Drop everything." I told my business coaching clients. "This needs your priority and attention right now."

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In the months that followed, we got to work implementing AI tools into their business.

For the past 8 months, all my attention has been on AI. I invested my time exploring how AI can help entrepreneurs grow.

While coaching, I showed entrepreneurs the new opportunities and then helped implement them.

What I experienced was unprecedented. Never before have I seen companies transform and achieve results so quickly. And bizarre results there were.

Here 5 examples of some of the results customers provide as feedback:

"We can set up a Google Ads campaign 80% faster."

"It's like having 1,000 interns at my disposal."

"We had eight people go in the last 10 weeks due to the implementation of AI."

"We have scaled up the volume of marketing tremendously. We are more visible as a small company than our biggest competitors."

"Thanks to Alex's insights, we adapted our software and gained worldwide PR attention with it. The number of leads still flowing in daily is unprecedented."

Want to learn more about how AI can help your business grow?

I have put together an ebook "Entrepreneurship with AI" that will show exactly that.

Today is the launch.

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